Our commitment to victims

The Road Victims Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting people who have been affected by the grief and trauma of a road death or a serious injury or life changing injury collisions. Our services are available to family, friends and colleagues of the person who has been killed or injured as well as witnesses of fatal and life changing injury road collisions.

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The Trust was founded in 1995 in Bedfordshire and is a non-profit-making charitable organisation. All the services it provides are free. There is limited statutory funding of the Trust and the majority of the costs are raised by grants, donations and fundraising events.

The following sets out the commitment we make to those we support:

  • We will begin the process of providing information on the Trust services and offering our support to victims within 48 hours of receipt of a full referral.
  • The emotional and practical support to victims will only be given by an appropriately trained Coordinator or Counsellor.
  • All support will be tailored to meet the needs of the victim.
  • Victims will be offered emotional and practical support for as long as it is useful.
  • The support provided to victims is monitored during clinical supervision reviews and case reviews.
  • Coordinators and Counsellors will always aim to work with clients towards a planned ending of the support provision.
  • Support will include preparation for inquests and criminal court hearings as well as support on the day.

Our Service

  • is provided by a highly trained, skilled and committed team of staff and Counsellors
  • is offered to all victims soon after the collision but can be requested at any point following the collision if not taken up immediately
  • is available for as long as it is useful and includes support in preparation for inquests or criminal court hearings and support on the day.

For victims we understand 

  • that this is a difficult and potentially confusing time
  • there is so much going on it’s hard to take it all in
  • the rollercoaster range of emotions that may be felt
  • there are many practical tasks that have to be carried out
  • that dealing with police and court procedures and officials can be puzzling and upsetting.

The Trust offers

  • Regular, weekly emotional and practical support for individuals and families in-person at our offices, online, or on the phone, for as long as it is useful.
  • Space to express the whole range of feelings that come with the loss and horror following a serious road collision.
  • Space to discuss the repercussions of the collision that is a life changing event for all those involved.
  • Information on the investigation, inquest and court hearings and preparation and support for inquests and hearings.