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Making a provision for the Road Victims Trust in your Will helps us to continue to support the victims of fatal and life-changing road collisions for future generations. In your memory, we will work to foster a deeper knowledge, respect and love of the support given to the victims by our volunteers. Legacies help ensure that we are able to continue our vital work. We are reliant on the generosity of our supporters.

Do you have the will to help us?

Many people find it difficult to think about what will happen when they die. Too often, this results in a failure to make the necessary arrangements. One of the most important preparations you can make is to ensure that you have an up-to-date Will, but there is a perception that this is an expensive and complicated chore.  In fact the real cost lies in not having a Will or having an out-of-date Will. In the worst cases, your entire estate could revert to government coffers.

The reality is that making a Will or adding a legacy to an existing Will is straightforward and less expensive than you might think. What’s more, gifts to charity are Inheritance Tax free, so leaving a gift to Road Victims Trust could reduce the tax payable on your estate.

It is your chance to change things for good

Above all your Will is your chance to shape the world you leave behind… this is what makes writing a Will such a uniquely exciting and enriching opportunity. Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift to the Road Victims Trust is the ideal way to play a lasting part in ensuring that we continue to offer our service to the victims of serious road collisions.

remember us in your will

When the time is right for you to include a legacy in your Will please remember the Road Victims Trust.

We have produced a free booklet to guide you through the process – phone 01234 843345 or email enquiries@rvtrust.co.uk for your copy.